Don’t Forget about the Turkey

Hello and welcome back!

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived the halloween weekend. Congrats!

Now as every civilized human-being knows, when October 31st has passed and November 1st says hello, it’s time for the holiday fiasco to begin!

Skipping right over turkey day, we throw up the garland, crank up the carols, laughing all the way!


But before we gorge ourselves in the holiday cheer, lets not forget about the turkey.

Thanksgiving: A holiday about food and yet we tend to forget all about it.


As far as preparing for it goes, there are no real decorations, songs or traditions so it’s hard to get pumped up!

As a college student, the funds for providing a lavish dinner are basically non-existant.

So what are we to do?

It’s hard to remember Thanksgiving when we’re bombarded with the holiday spirit from our own home. Try turning on the TV and not seeing a commercial for lay away or Christmas sales. As if being smacked in the face at home isn’t enough, try going to the grocery store. It’s hard not to spot Jolly Old St. Nicholas waving at you upon entering and the explosive green and red colors expanding through every product you buy.


Although it’s a challenge, try to remember Thanksgiving may not be a big buzz as the holidays that follow, but it’s still a time to give thanks for those you have.

Now November isn’t only a month for Thanksgiving, but also preparing for the end of the semester. Needless to say you’ve got a lot on your plate (no pun intended). But Place a bookmark in your studies and grab your roomies to pull together a pot luck dinner!

We might not be able to afford a full fledged four coarse turkey meal, but popping on Pinterest to find affordable dinners is in reach! It’s a nice way to share the holiday while indulging in some yummy food.


Secondly, lets not forget about the day after Thanksgiving: Black-Friday. It’s a pleasant little day that allows even the sane of people to release their inner turkey and go a little crazy. Male or female, we can all enjoy scoring some hot deals at our favorite stores…and yes maybe even get some Christmas shopping done.

So, the holidays are an exciting time and I’m just as guilty of wanting to decorate for Christmas right away. BUT this year try to take the time for Thanksgiving and all the wonderful food that comes with it  🙂


Tricks and Treats

Lions and Tigers…and dressing completely bare. Oh my! Tis the season where the temperature tends to have no effect on the college population. So hang up your winter jacket and fling on your fish nets. It’s halloween weekend. Students find … Continue reading

Surviving the Stress of Life.


Just saying the word gives you a twitch. Immediately your body tenses while thousands of thoughts race through your mind.

The thoughts of things that have yet to be accomplished.

Your to-do list might look a little something like this:


Make Flash Cards.

Study for test.

Go to meeting Sunday night.

Clean the apartment.

Schedule conference with advisor.

Deadline for paper coming up!

Schedule classes for Spring semester.

Sign your minor sometime while you’re still in college.

Don’t get sick.

Remember to breathe.

…and while the list keeps going, your brain completely shuts down.

Reality looks a little something like….


Sleep some more.

Show up to class.


You’re sick.

Go to the doctor.


Is it Friday?

Because this is the time of year where the stress of classes weighs upon us.

Sure, Mid terms was last week so the worst is over, right? No. The worst is yet to come. This is the week we have to look our mid-term grades in the face and figure out how to kick our act in gear to make it to the other end of the tunnel.

This is the week where we can barely think about our classes this semester and are asked to schedule the for next.

This is the week where I’m blowing into tissues every minute while trying trying to see through the fog of my brain as I scramble to class.


Stress. It’s inevitable. It’s apparent. It doesn’t go away.

Instead, you must learn to live with it one day at a time.

Make a to-do list.

Make it realistically.

Know that you have time, but take that time seriously. Know that you’ll probably get sick so stock up on medications and orange juice. Learn to power through.

Life is rough. Life is stressful. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

However, stress doesn’t last forever.

no stress

It’s a temporary feeling that can be overcome with a plan and persevering.

I have to keep this in mind because hibernating in my bed sounds much more delightful than trudging off to class, but here I am.

Lets Talk about School.

This is a college blog and I have yet to talk about classes…whoops.

So let’s talk school.

Freshmen year. Where every student’s journey begins.

Despite what you might hear, nerves fill the stomachs of every freshmen on their first day of classes. Extra nerves in mine due to the fact that I freak out over just about anything.

Not knowing what to expect, most turn to the media for answers.

Media paints college life a little something like this: Large classrooms where teachers don’t know you and they certainly don’t care about you. Students studying their brains out while jacked up on Red Bull and Starbucks trying to learn a mass amount of information in a small amount of time. Being intelligent means nothing  because you WILL struggle to pass courses and teacher won’t help!

Whoa, thats an intense picture for high school seniors . So lets put all these soon-to-be-proven misconceptions about college on the back burner as I explain my first day as a CMU student.

It was a Monday morning on the second floor of Wheeler hall. Each resident in room 204 had their alarms set leaving plenty of time to get ready for their first day. We all showered, ate and spent countless minutes constructing the perfect outfit. Paige was the first brave soul to scope out the college classroom promising to report her findings to us after her nine a.m.

My roommate Sam and I awaited her arrival nervously at the front door eager to hear every last detail like a  dog waiting for its owner to return home. Thinking back, it was silly how nervous we were. But in the moment it was all I could think about.

Immediately as Paige walked through the door we slammed her with questions. How was it? Did you get a lot of homework? Was the professor nice? Were you able to find a seat? Could you keep up with lectures?!

These questions were asked in assumption that an elaborate response would be given. But instead was answered with a simple, “It was fine.”

It was fine? What did that mean? Good? Bad? Dissatisfied with her response I shuffled off to my first class not knowing what to expect. I Walked down the hall in Pearce till I finally reached my destination. Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t an obnoxiously large lecture hall with thousands of seats. This settled my nerves. When my professor walked through the door, I was even more puzzled to see he wasn’t an intimidating man in a suit but rather wearing jeans and a causal shirt. When lecture began I was able to keep up, while understanding the material. At the end of the class I realized I had survived without feeling great anxiety for the coming semester…but this isn’t what the media had prepared me for.

So let’s back up. Smaller classrooms, decent workloads, nice professors… had the ever-so-trueful and knowledgable media lied to me?! Not quite. On rare occasions you will find me jacked up on Red Bull cramming for tests…but this may be linked to procrastination and not an issue of abundant material.

Perhaps the reason why I’ve decided to blog about classes later in my blog is because most students don’t need advice on how to survive it. Once you’ve pasted the intimidating first day, you realize  putting in effort and doing your best will not only get you somewhere in college, but in life.

College is just another stepping stone into the real world and nothing like the horror stories we might see on MTV or hear about. So remember, the tip on surviving any first day is simply showing up and going with the flow.

College: A time for impulsive decision making that we may later regret

As far as the government is concerned you’re a legal adult at the ripe age of 18. With a minimum wage income, and more freedom than ever before. You may find yourself wanting to fulfill crazy purchases you desired as a kid. Without much thought, your inner child grabs ahold of your wallet to take you on new adventures.

Irrational, impulsive decision-making can range anywhere from, drop everything we’re driving to Florida, to I just bought a pair of $60 shoes without thinking about it.

Freshman year I was absolutely obsessed with dying my hair. From blonde, to black, to brown, to I need to stop, I fully satisfied that impulsive spree. Other times it was random decisions to get piercings, without completely thinking them though. Last year my roommates and I made a 20-minute impulsive decision to purchase a guinea pig. Although she was a sweet animal, Regret settled in about a day later. Beatrice is pictured below



Being in the moment is always a good time, until you look at your bank account. The struggle of supporting yourself and your purchases seems like a juggling act. In reality, it’s all apart of growing up and learning how to manage your money.

The awesome part about being young and impulsive is almost always having the opportunity to make your mind up and continue to change it. Quick decisions help satisfy our curiosity of the unknown. If you’ve never tried it, how do you know you won’t like it?

Whatever your itch may be, we all have one, we all love it and we all hate it. Despite attempts to be responsible, mature adults we somehow get lost in the experience, because that’s what college is.

But let’s make one thing clear, impulsive decision-making isn’t always a bad thing and can lead to important life-lessons and learning when to be rational.

Be impulsive, but don’t forget to pay your bills first!

Thank God it’s the Weekend

Thank God It’s the Weekend


So it’s Friday, or in some cases Thursday, and it seems like your apartment complex has transformed into a club as music bangs through your wall.


Like clock work your roommates rush through your door to throw together the cutest outfit because… you’re going out. Phase one: Getting dressed. After piles of clothes stack up in the corner, you finally find the right combo. Your new top, favorite skinnies and those heals you’ve never been able to walk in.


Putting aside the mounds of homework and studying that needs to happen, you slip into the bathroom and start preparing for phase two: hair.


 Now unlike most days where towel-dried-ponytail hair is acceptable – plugging in the curling iron is a must. Your roomie is quick to join you in the bathroom as she scrambles through her playlist to find the perfect ‘getting ready’ song.

Phase three: pre-gaming; because it’s really a multi taking game. As you’re jamming to Katy Parry’s newest hit, you’re slamming back shots and singing through your hairbrush. And yeah, in the moment you and your best friends look awesome rocking out.


But the fun doesn’t stop there. It’s practically illegal to spend all that time getting ready and not take an obnoxious amount of pictures afterwards. So after every pose has been exhausted, or no one else wants to take your picture it’s time for…

 Phase four: Getting there. As you stumble to the taxicab yelling at all your friends to hurry, you must remember cash, keys and phone; three vital components that will decipher how your night will end.


Always keep an eye on time, being the first to arrive is awkward for both parties, always be fashionably late.


Once you arrive to your destination, remember to keep it classy. Being ‘that girl’ at the party is not a title that looks flattering on anyone. Plus you never know whom you’ll see or meet.


Phase five: Wrap it up! Know when to leave and how to do it. No one likes stragglers especially when the party is clearly over. Say your goodbyes when the going is good, not when the hosts are picking up beer bottles and the room has cleared.


Phase six: The morning after. So hopefully you rationed your ‘bottoms up’ and remembered most of the night. If not, this morning could be painful. Drink lots of water and try to avoid society. Checking your phone for photos of the night before might not be a bad idea.

Phase Seven: Rest and repeat. The first thing you’ll be thinking in the morning: I never want to drink again. But somehow you’ll find yourself throwing ‘em back next weekend. Just remember to have a good time without being a hot mess. 


Food, Rent and Parking Tickets

Whether it’s new, old, used or less than attractive looking, it’s yours. Yeah we’re talking about your rolling piece of crap, your car, your baby and your means of getting around.

 Naturally your car is one item on your checklist that shouldn’t be forgotten when heading to college— and for some a necessity.    

But at CMU, Parking Enforcement will ensure that parking your beaut anywhere near campus will be almost impossible.


What was once found as a freeing shred of independence is now seen as an immediate source of stress and frustration thanks to parking rules and regulations.

Finding options for your means of getting around can be costly leaving most students in a sticky situation on what to choose.

 Some off campus students have shuttles included in their rent as a means of getting to class— but who wants to return to ‘riding the bus.’  Instead most students find themselves feeding parking meters or painfully paying Parking Enforcement $175 for parking passes.

That’s not to say that all students who do purchase passes have the luxury of parking wherever. Most commuter lots are located in less than desirable areas and fill up quickly. 

Don’t forget to read the signs! Some areas are strictly for faculty only, which if not careful can land you a nice parking ticket tucked neatly under your windshield wiper. 

Others feel as though they are above the rules and attempt parking without a pass. If this sounds like you, you’re probably sky high in $25 parking tickets. 

So what should one do when it comes to legally parking and operating your vehicle on campus?

It all comes down to what you’re willing to pay and what you prefer. Cars come with freedom and parking passes allow you to come and go as you please on campus. But they also come with frustration. It’s important to factor in the time it takes you to get to class and the fact that you might have to venture to numerous lots before landing a spot.

 If you’re a freshmen or living on campus, your car will spend most of its days sitting in the freshmen lot—out of site out of mind.

 But Students living off campus might want to explore the shuttle, if applicable. Sure it might take a little more time getting to campus but it comes without the hassle of finding spots and dealing with traffic.

 Hooray for freedom and scoring your first set of wheels, now you’ll just have to decide: To drive or not to drive; yet another dilemma Central students are faced with. 

The Best Love is Roommate Love.

Congratulations, you’ve officially graduated high school and about to enter the wonderful world of higher education. You’ve picked the school, got the grades and packed the car heading off to your next phase in life. Like most freshmen, you’re going in blind with some girl from the other side of the mitten that you’ve never met, but Residence Life says you’re totally compatible. So what’s there to fear? You’ve chatted on Facebook, texted back and fourth all summer, and have decided to be BFFs, But after a few weeks, the tripping over shoes, cleaning too many dishes, and taking out the trash far more often than she does is getting old. Sound like you? Hello and welcome to college. Learning to live with others is a skill only roommates can provide for you and can only be learned with time and experience.

            When it comes to roommates, personal space is nonexistent and chances are you’ll end up learning more about your roomies than you’d prefer, but you must remember this is all apart of the experience. Roommates provide an important life lesson, the world that doesn’t revolve around you, and what better way to learn that than living with absolute strangers who come from different backgrounds and lifestyles? They’re going to keep you up at night, eat your food and leave a mess, but somehow they’ll become some of your best friends. Sound like chaos? Sometimes it can be, but learning to compromise is a skill that will serve you well in the real world. 

            So, roommates can be messy, not pull their share, and don’t always have the same point of view, what are they good for? Although they can make you want to pull your hair out at times, the experiences you’ll share will create a trust and a bond, knowing that they’ll be there for you no matter what. Aside from bonding, you’ll realize how awesome it is to be able to share such a great experience with someone you’ve never met before.

            Good, bad, or indifferent chances are you’ll click on some level with your new found roomie(s). You’ll share good experiences and get through the bad ones, finding yourself along the way. But no matter what happens remember that this is all apart of the journey and keep on keeping on.